I did end up using this monstrosity for a few months but ultimately replaced it. Mainly because it vibrated, and the motor I had on it didn’t go the right speed. I also feel much better about using a saw that has OEM replacement parts available, and has a smaller footprint (which makes rolling it around my shop easier).

When I got this, I didn’t do a good job vetting it and the blade tracked but there was a significant wobble. From what I could tell, this was because the top wheel was bent. Being a cast aluminum part for a bandsaw made 70 years ago, I couldn’t easily get a replacement for less than what I paid for the saw as a whole. I also couldn’t easily fix it.

So I made a replacement wheel out of thick MDF.

It did actually work, but the blade was way too far forward (pictured below). I did spend some time after this picture was taken getting it to track further back, which involved thinning the glued on piece so the top wheel could sit further back.

Not pictured is some more electrical work I did to make the switch a bit less sketchy.

I was never able to get this to a point where I really felt safe using it. Which is ultimately why I got rid of it, and replaced it with a newer (but still 30 years old) 14” grizzly.