Not too exciting, and I forgot to take pictures of the beginning bit… Oops.

I started with a sketch to figure out how I wanted to the drawer to be divided.


I started with a piece of oak recovered from a bed frame I found next to a dumpster. I think it was originally one of the posts. I cut it up into thin strips, which could then be used as the dividers. The strips were mostly usable, but there were definitely noticable screw holes, etc. Since all the outer sides of this piece are hidden (it sits inside a drawer), it wasn’t too hard to hide them.

I had a piece of 1/4” scrap MDF big enough to use for the base, which I cut oversized. Raw MDF doesn’t look great on its own, so I painted it black. After that I glued all the divider pieces down, starting from the outside and working my way in. Edges first (being careful to keep it square), then I could cut all the dividers to final length. The dividers that cross each other each have a slot cutout where they overlap, so they both sit flush and easily stayed aligned whlie gluing.

Below is when I remembered I should take some pictures, and shows me using an edger to trim the bottom flush.

Then just a few coats of polyurethane and Voila!